A Spirit-filled community, proclaiming God’s Word, honoring our Pilgrim heritage, and joyously reaching out with the love of Christ

After prayer and consideration, your Deacons and Pastor Susan have made the decision to suspend all church activities, including this Sunday’s Worship Service, Confirmation Celebration and Sunday School, and subsequent Worship Services, the Cantata and Sunday School, over the next few weeks. Also fellowship events, such as the Talent Show and Women’s Bible Study Breakfast, have been suspended until further notice. Though this has been a difficult decision, it is necessary for the health and welfare of our members and friends due to the restrictions on public assemblies of groups over 25 people to stem the spread of COVID-19 virus.
Prayers may also be emailed or telephoned to Pastor Susan during the week to be included in Sunday’s prayers. Her contact information is revsmnthorn@gmail.com and 339-788-4871 (C). The Pastor is available by telephone and email to any member or friend for pastoral care.