Join us for Worship at 10 AM on Sunday Mornings

Worship is the central purpose of the Church.  The stated purpose of Chiltonville Congregational Church is “to bind together followers of Jesus Christ for the purpose of sharing in the worship of God.

One of the chief ways we worship God is in Services of Worship on Sunday mornings as we read and hear the Word of God in the Bible, reflect on it in the Pastor’s sermon, and respond to it in song and prayer.  Weekly Worship Services are held on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM and Special Services are held during Advent, Christmas and Easter Week.

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Worship Services and Church School for grades K-8 are from 10-11 a.m. on Sundays.  Nursery care is provided for children through age 4. A time of refreshment and informal conversation follows and all are welcome.

The Sacrament of Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month.  Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ is welcome to participate in Communion.

Worship is how we honor and thank God. Worship is also a time when the members of the church are united by the Holy Spirit and are formed into ‘the body of Christ’.   On Sunday mornings, we do this together in a Service of Worship as we listen to God’s Word to us from the Bible and respond to his Word in song and prayer.

Every part of the Worship Service flows from the Bible: in Scripture readings, the Pastor’s sermon (when a Scripture is examined in detail and applied to life), prayers and singing.

Church members give a weekly offering that supports the ministries of the church.  Visitors are ‘our guests’ and are not expected to contribute.

Families worship together at the beginning of the Service.  Children through grade 8 may go to Sunday School classes or stay with their parents for the remainder of the Service.

Following the Worship Service, we gather for refreshments and fellowship. We invite everyone who comes to the Worship Service to stay for this time of extended gathering.

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Every Baptism, Wedding or Funeral within Chiltonville Congregational Church is a ‘Service of Christian Worship’ which is not only a celebration of these events but, most importantly, a Service of Worship to Christ. All of these special Services must honor Christ and the Worship practices of Chiltonville Congregational Church.

Baptism is the Sacrament celebrating the entry of an infant, child or adult into the church’s life and care, and the Sacrament of Baptism takes place during a regular Sunday morning Service of Worship.

In the case of the Baptism of infants and children, the parents and the church, as a body, make promises to God to nurture that child in the knowledge and love of Christ. The parents also promise to seek the help of the church in raising their child as a Christian, and the church promises to come alongside the parents in this sacred task. For these promises to be carried out, both the parents and the church need to have the opportunity to fulfill them, which means that the parents and the child intend to remain a part of the life of the church

Weddings and Funerals are special Rites of passage in the lives of Church members and their families. Weddings and Funerals within Chiltonville Congregational Church may be celebrated for church members, church members’ families and for ‘friends’ of the church who Worship with the church but who have not joined in membership. Any exceptions, and any inclusion of ‘visiting clergy’ whom the family would like to participate, will be at the discretion of the Minister of Chiltonville Congregational Church.

In the Congregational Way, the Sacrament of Baptism and the Rites of Weddings and Funerals flow from the life of the church community.  As a unique and complete Body of Christ, Chiltonville Congregational Church celebrates this Sacrament and these Rites as a community, and holds Services of Worship to mark these occasions corporately. Therefore, any Baptism, Wedding or Funeral Service held in Chiltonville Congregational Church is a public Service of Worship. When the need arises for a Baptism, Wedding or Funeral Service, please contact Rev. Susan Thornton at 339-788-4871.