Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries

Join us for Game Night at CCC! February 7 at 7pm!

It has been said that ‘children are the future of the Church.’  CCC disagrees because we see children as the ‘present of the Church’ and that is why we include children’s presence in all aspects of Church life.  From the time of Baptism through adulthood, the spiritual life of our children is nurtured through learning and being part of a loving community.  Children are included in Worship, fellowship and leadership.



Our youth have collected hats and mittens for the homeless in the Plymouth area.

One of our high school students began an after-school Bible study group at his school.

Our Sunday School students give an offering that is donated to the Heifer International to buy farm animals for families

Our youth also lead through the Worship Assistant’s program, and as teaching assistants for Sunday school and vacation Bible school.  All of our children lead in Worship at least two times a year in the Christmas Pageant and Children’s Sunday Services.